The Property Inspection

   A Professional Property Inspection is an impartial third-party visual evaluation of the physical structure, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, roofing, interior and exterior.

     A property inspection makes good sense whether buying, selling or building. Understanding your building’s systems and components are critical when it comes to purchase, repair and maintenance decisions.

    A  Nebraska Home Inspection is your security and peace of mind. Knowing your properties condition guarantees you a fair and smooth transaction.    Upon completion of the inspection, you will receive a formal written inspection report detailing the condition of each item inspected.

       Residential Inspections

 Commercial Inspections

·  Site Overview

· Drainage

·  Retaining Walls

·  Crawl Space

·  Electrical

· Air  Conditioning

· Walls

· Heating

· Floors

· Foundation

·  Roof

· Plumbing

· Insulation

· Porches

· Patios

·  Decks

·  Garage

· Water Heaters

· Baths

· Kitchens

How Long Will it Take?

The average inspection takes two to four hours depending on the size, age, and condition of the property.

What is Included in the Inspection?

 Nebraska Home Inspections will provide a thorough, comprehensive, professional, and unbiased report on the condition of the property - your key to a sound investment!

  Should I be There?

    We strongly urge the prospective buyer to be present for the walk-through at the end of the inspection. By being present, you will have a far greater understanding of your new home and the report.

 The Inspection Report

    Nebraska Home Inspections is proud to provide you with one of the highest quality inspection reporting systems available. You will find your inspection report easy to read and the explanations very helpful.

 When Do I Receive My Report?

    In most cases you will receive your report on the same day as the inspection unless otherwise stated.

 What If I have a Question?

    Give us a call or email us! It’s that simple. We are here to serve your needs and answer all your questions. A simple call can save you time and trouble.

 What Areas Do You Service?

Nebraska Home Inspections services Southeast Nebraska. We are located in Lincoln but we travel in all of Nebraska, Southwest Iowa and Northeast Kansas. If you need an inspection done in another area, please call us and we will see if we might accommodate you.

      Call for An Estimate or to Schedule Your Inspection Today!

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   Nebraska Home Inspections  provides Professional Inspection Services throughout the Lincoln and Omaha areas and all surrounding areas.  We offer both Residential & Commercial Inspections, including Pre-Listing, Duplex, Multi-Unit and Condominiums.  Mold Sampling is also available.

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