Property Inspection Planning (visual and contractual) 

 Selection and Contract Administration of general contractor and/or subcontractor when necessary

 Preliminary Construction and/or Maintenance Estimates/Cost Feasibility

 Preliminary Property Inspection Scheduling

 Due Diligence (review of leases, contracts, and others)

 Owner Representation

 Property Condition Assessments

 Construction Plan and Cost Review

 Facility Management Planning

 Maintenance Planning




 Office, Retail and Apartment Buildings

 Shell, Common Area, and Interior

 Parking Structures and Lots













Our consulting program includes a preliminary visual property inspection. This is accomplished through a combination of site visits, plan review, and owner meetings. Depending upon the level of information sought, our involvement can be as simple as a phone call or require several days of investigation and report preparation. Some suggested applications of this include: property due diligence, monitoring general contractor and/or subcontractor progress and performance, construction methods and material recommendations, plan review and recommendations, and other programs as may be required.


Our detailed consulting and inspection service involves visual property inspection and examination to determine the source of property issues, needs, and/or problem(s), (if any). Subsequent to an investigation, a complete detailed report will be provided indicating the likely source of the issue with specific remedial measures recommended along with a suggested budget range.



Our due diligence system combines traditional methods of manual review with technology, computer hardware and software. We employ a traditional chain of command and team along with accepted forms of property management record keeping and tracking, schedule, review, and preparation of abstract/summary of leases and contracts. Our staff will coordinate all necessary agency inspections and maintain a log throughout the inspections. Upon final due diligence a project detailed report with summary of leases and contracts are prepared for your review and records.

We are a "hands on" and "can do" type of company. Our staff, licensed subcontractors, and consultants are encouraged to rapidly respond to inspection requests, due diligence issues and your requirements. We require our staff to be readily available for questions and concerns. Finally, we are proud of our reputation and continually monitor our practices to maintain it.



       Fees for the services are determined by a variety of factors and services to be performed. 

       Reports typically are completed and forwarded to you within three (3) to five (5) business days of the completion of the requested service.  The visual property inspection report is in accordance with the standard practices of the ASTM E 2018-99.



Professionals and experts take pride in helping you to complete your purchase, sale, and/or lease. Therefore, take advantage of their services. 


REAL ESTATE BROKERS/AGENTS: They are masters of the process of fulfilling your requirements. They will guide and represent you every step of the way from start to finish so you will enjoy the comfort of owning or leasing without the hassles of the process.

MORTGAGE LENDERS: Whether you use the services of banks, credit unions, or dedicated Mortgage Brokers, their financing expertise will help you arrive at the best possible financing to complete your property transaction.

REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS:  They will work with your Mortgage Lender to establish an accurate market value for your property.

RELOCATION AGENTS: They will research "the way and ahead" when you have to move cross-country. They will relocate you without your time consumption or lack of it.

Nebraska Home Inspections: When you and your Real Estate Agent have located the property and are ready to process the transaction, call Nebraska Home Inspections to visually inspect your property top-to-bottom, side-to-side, and inside out. We will use our technical experience to provide you with a detailed report of the property conditions.

Real Estate Professionals will make the property ownership process work for you. So take advantage of their services!

At Nebraska Home Inspections, we are confident in our ability to provide the utmost in property inspection services at competitive rates. We believe we are uniquely positioned to provide the best service available for any size project you may have.



 Roof (if accessible)

 Electrical systems











 Skylights (if accessible)


 Fire Monitoring Service



 Flashing (if accessible)

 Environmental Phase l (optional)

 Fire Sprinkler System (optional)

 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance (optional)

 Detailed Structural (optional)

 Others ...

At Nebraska Home Inspections we do not profit or benefit financially from the sale, lease, or repairs of any property. Our inspections and our comprehensive reports are without bias or prejudice.

You can depend on us!


Nebraska Home Inspections' principles and methods have consistently resulted in an outstanding on time and on budget project record. When necessary, we will retain the most highly qualified professionals in the property inspection industry including licensed, insured subcontractors and consultants from whom a team is formed specifically customized to your property inspection needs.

We have been, and are involved in several significant commercial property inspections in South East Nebraska. Our clients include developers, owners, tenants, corporations, private individuals and brokers. We offer you a personal commitment for your property inspection, working from beginning to end to see that your goals are met within the property inspection schedule and budget.

The commercial property inspections will be directed by a principal of the company along with a qualified inspector and consultants (if and when necessary) who will have primary responsibility for your project. A direct line of communication is always open to you through each phase of the work. A testimonial to this commitment can be seen in the fact that a large percentage of our work is from repeat clients and referrals.


If you are considering a property inspection company, for whatever purpose, you are invited to call Nebraska Home Inspections to discuss our property inspection services... for today... and for the future.

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Commercial Inspection Services

Nebraska Home Inspections is committed to the highest possible level of service with an excessive quality of the inspection, due diligence, and report to fulfill our Client's needs.  In an evaluation of a property, a quality property inspection is a critical consideration.  To the casual observer, the property inspection company attends to obvious maintenance issues and/or lack thereof.  In reality, however, our responsibilities are varied and detailed.  Few operations demand more planning, patience, experience, knowledge and versatility than to look for regular maintenance issues.

Designed to provide one-stop, full service property inspection services to our clients in comparison to our competitors, Allstate Property Inspections provides all the benefits of a large firm without the associated overhead typical of the larger companies, which the savings in monetary and time are passed on to the client by the excellent value you receive with our services.

Buyers and Tenants of commercial properties have changed the way they look at their commercial real estate investments.  With our services and programs for visual property inspections and due diligence, clients now are ready to purchase, remodel, modernize and construct profitably in the commercial real estate market.

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