Nebraska Home Inspections can significantly reduce your risk and help make the entire home buying process easier and less stressful. Nebraska Home Inspectors are some of the highest qualified and  technologically advanced inspectors anywhere in Nebraska.  AND, We really enjoy helping our clients, it’s our highest priority.


Your Nebraska Home Inspector will point out any problems, potential problems and maintenance ideas in your new home.  We will also show you the good points of the house as well. Our inspections are based on ‘DED’, Detect, Evaluate, Direct. We detect existing conditions, evaluate them and direct the client toward positive solutions.

    At the inspection you'll get a comprehensive report  that is easy to understand.  In addition, we provide you with a home maintenance book if you want one. Armed with our expertise, you can proceed or negotiate with confidence.  After all, we want to be your home inspector for life, because your peace of mind matters.  Here are some specific reasons a home inspection is necessary:


Home Inspections Protect

Home Inspections protect and assist the Buyers,  Agents,  Attorneys, and loan officers in making their money at the closing.  If a problem is detected, the inspection report may encourage mutual action between the buyer and seller to correct it. 


Protects the Seller

      Sellers are required by law to disclose any defects.  If an inspector finds none, or they are corrected, the seller has an extra layer of protection having had the inspection.  An inspection goes a long way toward complying with full disclosure requirements.


Enhances Salability

     Finding no problems or corrected problems can enhance the value and salability of the home.  An inspectors stamp of approval may speed up the sale.

Often Required

    Home Inspections are now being required by many  lenders, insurance companies and attorneys.   Lenders want to lend you money when "their" investment will be protected.  No lender wants to take a home back with problems.  No attorney wants to lose you as a client if problems show up.  And the insurance company doesn't want to pay out money to fix a house after closing.

     For Buyers, an inspection is vital to uncovering issues a home may have but are invisible to the untrained eye. Even if the inspection finds more problems than you’re comfortable with and you move on to a different home to start the process all over again, it’s money well spent.  An Nebraska Home Inspection will give you the opportunity to ask the seller to make the repairs before you buy, or to back out of the contract.  So be sure to ask for the “inspection contingency” when you begin to enter negotiations with the seller.  This allows you to set a limit on the cost of repairs to the home.  If the inspector estimates that repairs will cost more than the limit, the contract is voided.  It is a good way to protect yourself from ending up with a home that requires repairs that you are unable or unwilling to pay for.

                                                 Why An Inspection?

     No home is perfect, even a brand new one. Anything from major damage to minor maintenance issues can be found. Even homes a few years old are not immune – they could have problems with the plumbing, electrical system, heating and cooling system, or the roofing system just to name a few. 

    For example, we have inspected brand new homes with leaking drain pipes throughout the home, deck joist hangers without nails or screws in them, and "black mold" covering the entire basement ceiling just to name a few.

    For Sellers, it is important to be aware of any issues your home may have prior to putting it on the market. Getting a pre-listing home inspection will ensure that you’re aware of any problems and can take care of them on your terms – or present them as-is and adjust your selling price proportionally. The alternative leaves you open to costly surprises, delays, legal action, and even potential deal-breakers once you’ve entered negotiations with the buyer.

Buying a new home is a BIG decision. The process can be stressful, confusing, emotional, and even risky. Wouldn't you like some help making this decision? Wouldn't you appreciate knowing what you are buying?

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